These seal-skin mittens are a winter must-have. They can be made with or without the fur trimming. Seal-skin is a highly versatile material that can withstand the cold and a fair amount of moisture. With a little love and care, seal-skin mittens will take you through many winters.

We work with Inuit seamstresses who are low-income or homeless living in the Ottawa region to create these gorgeous mittens. Lineage Arts provides all the materials needed to create these stunning pieces. We also ensure that each seamstress has a safe place to work and childcare (whenever possible) so that seamstresses can focus on fostering marketable skills. 

All our seal-skin items are made with recycled or Nunavut-certified seal-skin. Similarly, all fur materials are pre-loved and we create new vision for them Our gloves are only produced in small batches and they are made-to-order.  

This product only ships to customers based in Canada.

Women’s Sizes Mittens and Gauntlets

Hand circumference at base of knuckles Hand length
XS 5.5-6 in 5-5.5 in
S 6.5-7 in 5.5-6.5 in
M 7.5-8 in 7-7.5 in
L 8+ in 7.5-8 in

Men’s Size Mittens

Hand circumference at knuckles Hand length
S 7-7.5 in 6.5-7 in
M 8-8.5 in 7.8-8 in
L 9-9.5 in 8.5-9 in
XL 10-10.5 in 9+ in

  1. Hand circumference
  2. Hand length


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